In-Depth Review: Diabetes Treatment System by Dr. Ryan Shelton

Diabetes 60 System is a groundbreaking physician-approved 8-week program designed by Dr. Ryan Shelton, M.D., to help diabetics treat their condition by using natural approaches. It is a step-by-step guide which educates people how to take control of their ailment through lifestyle and diet improvements. After recently purchasing the program online, I decided to offer […]

The Unknown Diabetics Type

This may be the most important discussion on the website. There are some adults and children walking around unaware that they are carrying a progressive disease. There are very few that have someone discover this silent disease. There for they are on a path to blindness, heart attacks, and loss of a kidney. Neither they […]

The Non-Diabetics Type

Let’s start with the group who do not have diabetes, and don’t want it. They are looking for a way to avoid diabetes. We call it a Prevention Program. You all should know that the prevention program is avoiding eating the “bad” foods. By the way, I added white rice, mashed potatoes, fries, and chips, […]

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